Urban Biodiversity

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Urban areas are home to many insects including dragonflies. The aquatic dragonfly larvae grow and develop in the numerous ponds and small streams present in many cities. Urban areas have numerous ponds, primarily for water retention and cleansing of storm water runoff that support a variety of wildlife. What factors determine whether or not a pond will support dragonflies? Can ponds be managed to increase the diversity of dragonfly species? Goertzen and Suhling discuss this issue in their paper: Promoting dragonfly diversity in cities: major determinants and implications for urban pond design*.

Important features in dragonfly diversity were the diversity of vegetation and the degree of disturbance. Dragonfly larvae use plants as underwater perches and harborage. Some species of dragonflies do better in the presence of certain types of plants. Thus, increasing the variety of plant species increases the habitat for many species.

Disturbance was a major contributor to…

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