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Originally posted on Cave Gulch Review:
This afternoon I rode my bike past the water tanks at the junction of West, Red Hill, and Chinquapin Roads on UCSC’s Upper Campus. The water tanks are like a modern Newspaper Rock. The…

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Move over! You’re stealin’ my food!

When a population of a species gets big, sometimes the individuals of the same species will compete for food- causing their fellow species members to die. This is called negative density-dependence. Basically, when the density (e.g. number of tiger beetles … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Beetles In The Bush:
For the past three years I’ve crisscrossed the country in search of some of North America’s rarest tiger beetles, each time hoping to get that “perfect” photograph of an unconfined beetle exhibiting natural…

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A vote for Conservation

It may be best to keep this blog apolitical, but, in fact, conservation is far from apolitical. It is impossible to discuss conservation issues without discussing the state of politics in this nation and the world. With the election of … Continue reading

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Remember to Vote!

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Ferns named after Lady Gaga!!! Paws up!

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