Time to change

I’m currently at the North American Conservation Biology Conference in Oakland, CA. This is the more regional version of the conference I went to in New Zealand. I’m here to learn about the most recent research and issues in conservation, network, and present my research. I’m presenting my research on recreation and the Ohlone tiger beetle tomorrow morning. I will provide some updates about the conference as it goes on but so far so good! Last night the founder of Conservation Biology Michael Soule spoke about his belief that we’ve got enough science- we just need to use. In other words, we know how to conserve species, we just need to find a way how to conserve them. This morning, I went to session discussing how we can do that by conserving and connecting important habitat features in the landscape- we need to make sure that species can get from place to place even if there are houses in the way. We just may need to move a few houses. We also need to engage you in conservation. We need to teach you about the nature in your area and how you can help conserve biodiversity in your backyard and become politically active to make sure it happens. We are all a part of the change.


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