FYI- for those interested or working on city planning, here is a new guide to help make that planning more biodiversity friendly! It’s the future direction of planning, everywhere!

Woodland Matters

In the brave new world of localism and the National Planning Framework (NPPF), the planning world in England has been left with a lack of direction as thousands of pages of planning guidance have been swept away.   

The coalition government has made it clear that there is a role for specialist groups to step in and provide alternative guidance for planners. The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) along with The Wildlife Trusts have done just that, taking the lead in writing this new guide ‘Good Practice Guidance for Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity’ whilst coordinating the views of over 60 organisations and individuals. The result of their hard work is a very user-friendly guide to how planning can enhance and protect our natural environment within the current policy and legislative context. There is also a very helpful annexe providing model policies.  Download your free copy here.

The Trust…

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  1. Kay Haw says:

    Thanks very much for sharing this with your readers. You have a great blog here, I hope we can return the favour in the future.

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