Check out this awesome tiger beetle video and story, similar story to my Ohlone tiger beetles and their rare habitat. These are extremely tiny tiger beetles! Like half the size of the Ohlones.

Beetles In The Bush

Sorry about the noisy video – it was shot in one of our walk-in growth chambers with fans going full-bore! Anyway, the video shows a couple of mating pairs of Cylindera celeripes (swift tiger beetle) that I brought back from the Loess Hills of extreme northwest Missouri this past weekend.  Watch carefully and you’ll see the first pair actively copulating before they break apart. After that I pan over to the second pair, which is not actively mating but have remained coupled as an example of behavior called “mate guarding” You might also notice a few very small green “bugs” in the container – these are 2nd-instar Lygus nymphs, which I placed in the container earlier in the day as prey – it was quite a sight to see the tiger beetles immediately begin chowing down on them! At the end of the video, I poke at the second mating…

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  1. Tom says:

    Totally Awesome…

  2. tcornelisse says:

    I know! I’m going to get some video of my beetles this season!

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