Hello world!

Hi curious, intelligent people out there! I’m starting a blog because I realize the severe LACK of information and news out there about the most important thing in the world! That is BIODIVERSITY and the CONSERVATION of it. Biodiversity is the diversity of bio (life)- so all of the plants and animals, including the microscopic kind, that live on this beautiful Earth of ours.

With this blog, I hope to bring you information not only about why biodiversity needs conserving but I also aim to explain some of the cool science behind biodiversity conservation, in a format a little easier to understand than scientific articles allow.

What’s with the Mini-Super Hero thing? Well, that is what I call insects and I currently work on the little Earth engineers and I will shortly explain why I call them mini-super heroes (basically because they make our world go ’round). That being said, this blog will not be exclusively about insects, although will most likely feature them often :).

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